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It’s crazy that it has been less then a month, but I am so far behind with my blogging.  I just put it off and then I have to spend a whole day updating it.  O well.  Hope you have fun reading about what has been happening at the Roper house.

Since Monday I have been potty training.  Yep.  Fun!  I was just getting sick of pull ups and stuff coming out.  I was talking to my friend Carole and just decided to do it.  Jacob is doing pretty good.  The first day was bad, but what do you expect.  We are now on Day 4 and we have yet to have an accident today.  Yeah!  He actually told me when he needed to go.  You can’t believe how happy I was.  Yeah!  oops, I already said that.  It would be so nice to be past this stage.  Well, keep you fingers crossed for me.  I hope he catches on fast.

The summer went by so fast. School is here again. I am excited, but sad at the same time. I can’t believe I have a 3rd and 1st grader. It’s crazy. They are getting so big.





On Saturday we went to the stake’s Pioneer Day, held in Elk Grove Park. We were a couple of hours late, but still saw some of our friends. Janicca was doing one of the games. I had to post this picture because I thought it was SO cute! She will probably kill me. The boys were also able to get their faces painted and climb on a bounce house.



After the park we had an Articles of Faith Carnival we went to for our ward. The boys had fun and that is what matters. Later that evening, I was able to go and see Mama Mia! Yeah. I was laughing and singing the whole way through. I loved it and still have the songs stuck in my head. What fun!

Last week we went to the little bounce house on Laguna Blvd.  The VanGinkels and the Moores came with as well.  We (adults included) had so much fun.  We were there for a good amount of time and finally decided it was time to go when little Emily started getting cranky.  The Ropers headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to return some tools.  Grandma took us in and spoiled us.  While the kids played in the fountain (a regular thing at G&G house), Riet and I went in and made snow cones.  After we just sat and talked while the kids played.  Let me tell you, the boys were plain tuckered out after leaving Grandma’s house.



After we re cooped from Monterey, I still wanted the boys to have gone to the beach. So the next Monday we headed to San Fransisco. We went to Muir Beach and just let the kids (and Kent) play. It was cloudy, but still warm enough to play. The boys played mostly in the sand because when they would go down to the water, it would take them or their buckets with it. I just sat on my towel most of the time and took a shower with the best shower head placed on the beach, but I really enjoyed watching my boys having fun in the sand. We were there for about an hour and a half when it started to get cold. We decided it was time to leave and the boys were sad. We will have to go back soon!



For our family vacation this year we decided to go to Monterey Bay. I told my sister,Juli and she wanted to come along. We decided to camp and then go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was last minute, so of course, all the good spots were taken. We didn’t like our camp site for many reasons, but still had fun.  The kids got so dirty by the end of the day.  Good thing Juli remembered to bring some soap!  The next morning we packed up the tents and then used the pool. The water was freezing, but at least we weren’t super dirty anymore. We headed to the aquarium, which was pretty busy. I was glad I dressed my boys in yellow. They were so much easier to see in all those kids. Thanks Autumn for the idea. Everyone enjoyed the many different displays, but I think the adults loved the kid section the best. We just sat there while the kids played. As much as we didn’t get to see everything, the adults were ready to go home, I think the kids had fun. It was fun going on vacation with the VanGinkels.

On July 5th, Kent and Joseph were able to go on the Cub Scout hike.  Joseph had been wait for this hike for a while and was bummed that they had scheduled it while we were in Utah.  Thankfully,  Sister Otter postponed it.  They had fun looking at nature and just having fun.  Joseph brought his best friend, Ruben, with him which made it even more fun.

hike   hike  hike  hike

4th of July

It’s a family tradition of our to go to Kent’s sister’s house for the fourth. We always bring homemade ice cream and the boys always make a huge fireworks stand. Then we all stand around and watch the display. This year was no different. We brought our famous banana ice cream and some rocky road. Too bad we had to have milk shakes this year. The boys still enjoyed them though.

ice cream

Joseph felt like such a big kid this year. He was able to help build the stand for the fireworks and was able to light a few of the little fireworks. Our stand this year was even better than last year. At one time we had 10 fireworks going off . So much fun! And what a pretty picture!

helper kent stand

Jacob was still scared of the fireworks this year. He just doesn’t like loud noises. Aunt Teri had a pair of headphones that worked out well. He didn’t last the night though. Their so cute when they sleep. We had a great 4th of July though. Happy Birthday America!

mom and Jacob sleeping