4th of July

It’s a family tradition of our to go to Kent’s sister’s house for the fourth. We always bring homemade ice cream and the boys always make a huge fireworks stand. Then we all stand around and watch the display. This year was no different. We brought our famous banana ice cream and some rocky road. Too bad we had to have milk shakes this year. The boys still enjoyed them though.

ice cream

Joseph felt like such a big kid this year. He was able to help build the stand for the fireworks and was able to light a few of the little fireworks. Our stand this year was even better than last year. At one time we had 10 fireworks going off . So much fun! And what a pretty picture!

helper kent stand

Jacob was still scared of the fireworks this year. He just doesn’t like loud noises. Aunt Teri had a pair of headphones that worked out well. He didn’t last the night though. Their so cute when they sleep. We had a great 4th of July though. Happy Birthday America!

mom and Jacob sleeping

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