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On June 28th, we headed off to the Roper Family Reunion in Utah. We rented a 8 passenger van and stuffed eight people in it. 3 adults and 5 kids. Fun Fun! We went to the reunion with Kent’s sister, Teri, and her two kids, Stacy and Tony. You would think that the van would be crazy, but it was actually a pretty good ride. We placed Stacy in between Joseph and Kyle, so there was never any fighting. Now if only Joseph and Kyle didn’t get car sick so much. I felt so sorry for Stacy! We finally got to Utah and got comfortable in our hotel. The next day was the reunion. It turned out well and it was fun to see Kent’s family together. Teri and Kent were the only kids there from Keston’s family. We missed everyone else. While Kent and Teri talked genealogy with the “adults”, I took the kids down to feed the ducks and play on the playground. It was fun watching the cousins play together.

ducks ducks

After we went inside to have Hawaiian haystacks. Yum! We were glad we were able to go to the reunion.

Yum! Yum!

After the reunion, our van load went to the Dinosaur Museum, up at Thanksgiving Point. It was nice to just let the kids be free and have fun. They definitely did!

museum museum

The next day we spent with my family. The kids had fun riding the tractor with Grandpa and riding on the 4 wheeler. I ,too, had a ride or two. It was nice to just hang out. Thanks to all my family for your help.

So that was our SHORT weekend jont to the Roper family reunion. And as much as we were all glad to get out of the van, we have fun together. I am glad we were able to take this vacation with Teri and kids.

Miss Carlisle


This is Joseph’s 2nd Grade teacher, Miss Carlisle. Joseph had such a great time in her class. He thought she was the best teacher and says that she was his favorite. Miss Carlisle was a great teacher for Joseph. She really helped him enjoy school!  As much as he loved 2nd grade, I know he will do well in 3rd. We found out he will have Ms. Neff, who was one of his teachers in Kindergarten. Crazy how time flies!

Yesterday was a busy day.  Not only was it my anniversary, but Kyle had his kindergarten promotion.  It’s crazy how fast this year has gone.  Kyle did such a great job in kindergarten.  Congratulations Kyle!


Kyle’s Promotion



Kyle’s two teachers  Mrs. Pearson and Miss. Bains


Friends  friends

When I asked Kyle who his best friends were he said Haley and Alyssa.  They were tied too on who was his favorite.  I guess he had a pretty “steamy” romance with Haley this year.  Super funny.


Watch out First Grade, here comes Kyle!


9th Anniversary


What a nice anniversary I had.  Since Kent was working on Tuesday, we ended up going on our date Monday, while the kids were at school.  We went to BJ’s for lunch and were happy there wasn’t a big line, like we typically see.  We hadn’t been there before, so it was fun to try a new place.  After we went to Borders and just looked at books.  I know, boring.  It’s funny though because I looked at more books for the kids than for me.  Typical mom, huh?!  Yesterday was our official anniversary.  Kent surprised me with some jewelery in the morning.  He said I wouldn’t expect my second present.  Yep, he was right.  At about 9:45 these showed up on my door.

Anniversary flowers

I was so shocked.  Kent has brought me flowers home, but never SENT them.  I loved them!  They are my favorite color, so that made me happy.  I didn’t find out till later that there was suppose to be only 9 flowers to stand for the nine years of marriage.  I just love my husband.  He made my day!  Thanks Kent.






Happy 9th Anniversary Kent.  Thanks for the “best 9 years of my life!”  You are such a great best friend and husband.  I couldn’t ask for better.  Thanks for all the times that I am cranky and you put up with me.  For making me laugh when I really don’t want to.  You really have made these past 9 years fun.  Thanks for being so perfect for me.  I am excited to spend forever with you.  Bring it on!  I love you, honey!


Here are some of the other picture from our wedding.

wedding2.jpg   wedding4.jpg

This is up at the temple.  Taken by two different people.


wedding5.jpg   wedding6.jpg  wedding7.jpg  wedding8.jpg

At our wedding reception in Sacramento.



At our reception in Utah with my two bridesmaids, Dawn and Heidi,

and flower girl Amanda.

My friend, Kendall, just had an anniversary with her husband. She blogged about how they met. I thought it was a great idea. So here goes.


While living in Provo, I decided I wanted to go on a mission. My dad had said that if I came to live with him in Sacramento, I could live rent free. I had some student loans that I needed to pay off, so I went to live with my dad. I worked at the local Wal-mart and was content going to the family ward. I was even going out with the sister missionaries ON BIKES.

After about a month, my step mom, Riet, told me I needed to “be with my own kind!” I really didn’t want to go to the singles branch, but went anyway. I went the first weekend in July. When I sat down, Peggy Passanando was sitting next to me. She said she would introduce me to everyone she knew. Those two people were Kent and Dawn Roper. Kent had come to the singles branch to play a organ/piano duet with his sister, Dawn. He usually didn’t come to the branch, so it was funny that he was there the day I was.

Kent and I didn’t think much of each other that day. I started hanging out with Dawn and sometimes Kent would just tag along. Somewhere between July 5 and Halloween we started liking each other. We didn’t start dating until just before Christmas.

In January I went to Utah to visit and to really decide if a mission was right for me. You can guess my answer. Kent proposed the middle of March and we were married in the Oakland Temple on June 24th, 1999.


Here are some LOVELY pictures of us. Brace for the Shock! 🙂


Our Engagement Picture.

This is our announcement picture.


Color 1 Color 2

Originally we were going for black and white. My dad took our pictures down in Old Sacramento and wanted to use up the color first. We weren’t planning on using any of these pictures, but liked the top one a lot. It was so cold though.

Manti Temple Mt. Timp

These were taken about a month before we got married. The first was after I went through the Manti Temple. My best friend, Heidi, loved the “No Parking” sign in back of us. The second picture was taken the next day at the Mount Timpanagos Temple with my best friend, Heidi.


Check in tomorrow for other pictures. Yeah!



What is his full name? Kent Kirk

How long have you been married?9 years, next Tuesday

How long did you date? We met 4th of July weekend, started dating around Christmas time and was married the next June.

How did you meet? My “mean” (just joking) step mom sent me to the singles branch and I met him the first Sunday.

Who eats more sweets? It depends.  I like my sweets, but if you have Reese Cup, Kent is all there.

Who said “I love you” first? Kent

How old is he? 31

Who is taller? Kent is and I’m glad.

Who is smarter? Kent is. That’s why I call him Mr. Dictionary.

Who does the laundry? I do, but he helps sometimes.

Who pays the bills? Most of our bills come directly out of the account, but I pay the ones that don’t.  Kent is in charge of the budget though.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Kent does

Who mows the lawn? Kent does.  What a great hubby I have.

Who drives? Most often Kent does, but sometimes I beat him to it.

Who is more stubborn? We both know I am more stubborn.

Who kissed who first? Kent kissed me first.

Who has more siblings? Yeah, me.  6 to 5.

Who wears the pants? I think Kent wears them most often, but sometimes I need  skinny jeans.

So now I’ll tag…Juli, Heatherand Nicole 

Pa, Riet and the Kids.

(I need a new picture!)


Just wanted to wish my dad a Happy Father’s Day! He is so awesome and is always willing to do anything to make my life easier. He calls many times just to see how we are doing, even at 7:00 in the morning. I appreciate how much love and concern he has for me and my family as well as my siblings. He is such a great example in many ways.

My dad is always doing something. This last month, he had surgery done on his knees. I know he was wanting to be up working in the garden or tinkering in his garage. My parents taught me how to work hard, a skill that everyone needs.

My dad loves sports. Growing up we were always playing some sport or watching them on TV. As much as I don’t watch them on TV anymore, I still love to play sports. I am excited to have my kids love sports as well.

My dad loves music. In our house growing up, there was always music. Whether it was a loud saxophone or other instrument, choirs coming for choir practice or just a wide range of music, it was always there. I love that.

My dad is just fabulous. There are too many ways that my dad has been an example to me. I am so glad that I live so close to him. I am glad my children know him so well and love going to his house. I just want to let him know how much I love him. Thanks for being such a great example to me and my children. Love ya Pa! Happy Father’s Day!





My Kent!

(No he doesn’t usually sew. Just his funny sense of humor!)


What would Father’s Day be without my husband.

Kent is like a Super Dad. I know your jealous, but he’s taken.

    Kent is so good to me and is a great father to our children.  Many times he’ll come home to me as cranky as ever and will not only make me happier, but will change the whole mood of the household.

Kent has a great sense of humor, if you know him you can agree.He is always making up silly songs to make others laugh or is just sarcastic about almost anything. He constantly keep me on my toes with his wittiness.

Kent’s love of the gospel is amazing. Whenever I don’t understand something I can ask him and he most often knows the answer. I love that he is willing to go to church with me and to the temple. I love his testimony of the gospel and how he is willing to share it with anyone.  I am glad he is teaching our children about the gospel as well.

I am so glad that I have Kent in my life. I am glad that my kids are excited when he comes home and that he wants to spend time with them as well.  I couldn’t ask for a better husband or father for my children. I appreciate all he does for us.

I love you Kent. Hope your Father’s Day was good.


This last Wednesday, I was watching So You Think You Can Dance. I am totally addicted and my boys just have to put up with my girls shows. I was waiting for the commercials to come on, then we go in to have prayers with the boys. Kent and I look over and see Jacob just mesmerized with the TV. He originally had his mouth open, but closed it while I went to get the camera.


Jacob loves anything with music, so I wasn’t surprised. He was just so cute though. Glad my boys  love music as much as Kent and I do. And I’m glad that, even though I am in a house full of boys, I can still watch my girl shows.



My sister-in-law came out to California to visit. We had a family BBQ and just let the cousins play together.  What a fun room we had with seven kids, eight adults and tons of toys.  As you can tell, the kids didn’t mind.

All the cousins.

Jonathan and Ian are the same age as Jacob. When they were babies we took pictures of them side by side. We thought it would be fun to see how they had grown in three years.

Jonathan, Ian and Jacob In this picture Jonathan is a couple of weeks old.

            Ian and Jacob are three months old.


I think they have grown a little bit. Jonathan, Ian and Jacob 3 yrs old.


It was so fun having the cousins together.

Thanks Heather for visiting us while you were here.