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As you can guess, Jacob finally went to the dentist.  He did so well and wasn’t scared at all.  He is such a big boy.  I was a proud mommy.  And we didn’t have a cavity either.  Yeah!  We did find out that Jacob has an extra tooth.  Crazy huh?!  He takes after his dad, who had an extra tooth as well.  I just hope he doesn’t have an extra permanent tooth or they will have to pull it.  Ouch!

dentist.jpg   dentist1.jpg  dentist2.jpg


I am finally done.  You are up to speed on the Ropers.  We hope you mothers all had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  We love you!



I know it’s a lot of posts, but bare with me. We are getting closer. Joseph had his birthday party last Monday. His theme was soccer, so of course almost everything was something having to do with soccer. We rented a bounce house that was a sports arena (if you need the name, their pretty reasonable). It was a lifesaver for the kids and the adults. We had so much fun. Autumn made this cute ice cream cake. It was as yummy as it looks. Thanks Autumn.


Here are some other pictures of the fun day.

I thought this was a cute picture of Joe!  bday1.jpg

Blowing out the candles on  his cute cake.bday2.jpg

Aunt Juli and Uncle Trevor got him a new soccer ball. We needed it! bday3.jpg

Kent had the great opportunity to bless his nephew on Sunday the 4th.

Baby Tony’s blessing

After the blessing we all went back to the Jones house. Aunt Jacki was able to hold Tony and just enjoyed his sweet spirt. The boys also enjoyed hanging out with their cousin Stacy.  These Ropers really know how to party!

blessing.jpg blessing2.jpg blessing3.jpg

For my siblings, I want you to look at this next picture and tell me who you think I look like. Comment on it PLEASE.


It has been so crazy around here that I haven’t been able to update this site. I think life is going to slow down just a tad, which makes me SO happy. Anyway. Last Saturday, Joseph was baptized. My mom, stepdad, sister Jen and niece Ashlin were able to come from Utah. And Aunt Dawn came from Washington. It was fun to be with family and to just hang out. The baptism went so well. Thanks to all of you that helped. Here are some pictures.

Kent and Joseph at his baptism Kent and Joseph before his baptism.

The family before Joseph’s baptism. The family at Joseph’s Baptism

Friends Friends and Cousin Friends

Having fun with Cousins and Friends.