As you can guess, Jacob finally went to the dentist.  He did so well and wasn’t scared at all.  He is such a big boy.  I was a proud mommy.  And we didn’t have a cavity either.  Yeah!  We did find out that Jacob has an extra tooth.  Crazy huh?!  He takes after his dad, who had an extra tooth as well.  I just hope he doesn’t have an extra permanent tooth or they will have to pull it.  Ouch!

dentist.jpg   dentist1.jpg  dentist2.jpg


I am finally done.  You are up to speed on the Ropers.  We hope you mothers all had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  We love you!

One Response to “The Dentist is our friend!”

  1. Juli Says:

    Did you go to your dentist, or did you go to one that specializes on kids? I’ve been thinking of taking Jonathan, but I’m a little afraid and I don’t know where to take him! I’m glad Jacob did so good. I only hope to be as lucky!!