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Rules: Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours and then tag 6 fellow bloggers

Quirk #1 I am the Q-tip queen. I have to use Q-Tips to clean out my ears after every shower and sometimes a couple times a day. I can not stand to have water in my ears or to have my ears ichy. I also hate it when my kids have stuff in their ears. Hopefully I don’t pass my obsession down to them.

Quirk #2 I am anal about the dishes in the dishwasher. First, they have to be rinsed off. No chunks of food on them. Second, there is a certain place where I put the dishes. Thirdly, I organize so well that I can fit tons of dishes in with room to spare. This I pride myself on. Retarded huh?! It is so hard for me to let anyone else do the dishes, but I am getting better.
Quirk #3 Any house work, has to be done right if its done at all. Vacuuming: Everything needs to be picked up, not vacuumed around. If you clean your room: Everything must be cleaned, not just your bed.

Quirk #4 When I sleep at night, I have to have one foot out of the covers or I get overheated. I hear I get this from my grandpa.

Quirk #5 In the shower, I have a certain order in way of cleaning. If I get distracted or just zone out, I usually miss something.

Quirk #6 I am not a big fan of phones. I don’t mind talking, but I don’t do well at calling people. And it is not because I don’t care. I think of people all the time, but have this problem with the phone. Sorry to all my friends that don’t get called enough.

There you have it & now I tag……Juli, Jessica, JaNae, Cami, Kristi,Kendall and anyone else who want to do it.

My friend Melissa had this on her blog and I thought I would share it with my friends and family.

Check out these pictures. What great depictions of Christ.

love ya all.

So anyone who has talked to me knows how excited I was for my girls weekend. And it was so fun. Just some background. There is five girls and one boy in my family. A couple of years ago we decided to start having a girls weekend with my mom and all my sisters (including my sister in law-love ya Heather). This year was our second annual Girls Weekend. Juli and I flew out to Utah, leaving our husband to tend and take care of our children and houses. My sister JaNae did the same, but she came from Ohio. The rest of the sisters live in Utah. When we got there we went grocery shopping and just hung out while we waited for everyone to be ready to go. We ended up not getting up to the condo in Park City till the evening, but I didn’t care, I was hanging out with family. My sister Jennifer wasn’t feeling good, but atleast she could sleep all weekend. We had a fun weekend of playing games, shopping, eating, playing more games and family bonding time. Jennifer ended up having to go to instant care and had strep throat. Fun. That same night we went to a reception of a family friend. We had a blast getting acquainted with old friends, dancing and having a blast. Can I say sprinkler, Juli? Haa Haa! The rest of the weekend ended up being just as much fun, with a few different twist. I am so glad my husband loves me enough to let me go every two years. I feel like I come back refreshed and ready to tackle my kids again. Thanks honey! I love my family. I am so glad I have so many sisters and that we have a blast when we’re together. I love you guys! Here is all of us from oldest (hee hee) to youngest.

Mom, JaNae, Jennifer, Heather (my lovelySIL), Me (Kent thinks I’m a hottie),

Juli and Jessica

The Girls @ Girls Weekend

Welcome to the Roper’s blog or should I say Jacki’s blog. 🙂 I am so excited to actually have my blog on our family’s website. It has gone unused for way too long. Hopefully, I will do a really good job at keeping this up to date with our news and cute pictures. So check back every now and then.

Today was the first Sunday of the year and as tradition in our family I took a picture of the boys in front of church. It’s amazing how fast they grow and how time flies. The boys are becoming their own little people. Just looking forward at thing happening this year. Jacob turns three, Kyle turns six and Joseph turns 8 and will be getting baptized May 3. 😎 That last one just blows my mind. Kent and I will also be having our 9th anniversary. Yeah for us! The best 9 years of our lives. So here is the boys New Year picture. Aren’t they cute!

New Year’s Picture