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So this is from August 2006.  Long time ago!  We took the boys to Fairytale Town.  We all had a lot of fun.  I can’t believe how the boys have grown.  Jacob was a year and a half in this picture.  He will turn four next month.  Crazy!



So I haven’t posted in a while and it’s not because I’m lazy! Life has gotten a little bit busier. At the beginning of September I only had two little girls to watch and I was fine with that. Now I have five little darlings. I thought it would be okay and I am managing fine, but six little kids all under the age of 4 is a little crazy. I am happy though that all the kids are getting along really well. The girls are excited to have more girls to play with. This month though my boys are off track from school so if we add them, I have eight children. Crazy huh?! I will make it and my patience is doing pretty good. That doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to the weekends though. Serenity Now!

This is my favorite time of day!


Big Boy

I am just a little excited. It has been almost a month since I started potty training Jacob. He is doing SO well, that it kind of seems easy. I said “kind of”! My other two really struggled with this “phase” if you want to call it that. They were both older as well. I don’t know. We bought a whole bunch of McQueen cars, made a potty chart and bought M&M’s. I was expecting the worst, but he picked up on it pretty fast. I am so glad. I was really ready to be done. Kent and I were talking and realized that we have been changing diapers for 8 years. 8 YEARS! We want another little one, but at least we will have a break from diapers for a little bit. Yeah for Jacob! Yeah for me!

It’s crazy that it has been less then a month, but I am so far behind with my blogging.  I just put it off and then I have to spend a whole day updating it.  O well.  Hope you have fun reading about what has been happening at the Roper house.

Since Monday I have been potty training.  Yep.  Fun!  I was just getting sick of pull ups and stuff coming out.  I was talking to my friend Carole and just decided to do it.  Jacob is doing pretty good.  The first day was bad, but what do you expect.  We are now on Day 4 and we have yet to have an accident today.  Yeah!  He actually told me when he needed to go.  You can’t believe how happy I was.  Yeah!  oops, I already said that.  It would be so nice to be past this stage.  Well, keep you fingers crossed for me.  I hope he catches on fast.

This last Wednesday, I was watching So You Think You Can Dance. I am totally addicted and my boys just have to put up with my girls shows. I was waiting for the commercials to come on, then we go in to have prayers with the boys. Kent and I look over and see Jacob just mesmerized with the TV. He originally had his mouth open, but closed it while I went to get the camera.


Jacob loves anything with music, so I wasn’t surprised. He was just so cute though. Glad my boys  love music as much as Kent and I do. And I’m glad that, even though I am in a house full of boys, I can still watch my girl shows.

As you can guess, Jacob finally went to the dentist.  He did so well and wasn’t scared at all.  He is such a big boy.  I was a proud mommy.  And we didn’t have a cavity either.  Yeah!  We did find out that Jacob has an extra tooth.  Crazy huh?!  He takes after his dad, who had an extra tooth as well.  I just hope he doesn’t have an extra permanent tooth or they will have to pull it.  Ouch!

dentist.jpg   dentist1.jpg  dentist2.jpg


I am finally done.  You are up to speed on the Ropers.  We hope you mothers all had a great Mother’s Day yesterday.  We love you!

Jacob’s 3 year old picture.

I know I am running late on this blog, but I have been busy. I got back from my Girls Weekend, which I will blog about later. I came back on Tuesday, which just happened to be Jacob birthday. He knew it was his birthday, but didn’t expect anything. Not even presents. That made it really easy. I just can’t believe he is getting so big. When I came back it seemed like he had grown so much. *weep weep* I figured I would write a little about Jacob.


These are the things he is into right now:


Anything from the Cars Movie




Trains (not particular)


Loves to do anything his big brothers are doing


Loves to play with cars and truck, in general.


Loves his Silky (blanket)


Playing Computer games


Anything having to do with his ABC’s


Jacob is so independent right now, sometimes he drives me crazy. He loves to cuddle though and I love that. He will cuddle with me practically any time. He loves to spend time with anyone in his family, but also plays well by his self. He is so fun to have in our family. You can definitely tell Jacob has two older brothers. He is all boy. He is constantly wrestling or running after one of his brothers. He definitely keeps this house jumping. I am so glad Jacob is in our family. Happy Late Birthday Jacob!