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Rules: Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours and then tag 6 fellow bloggers

Quirk #1 I am the Q-tip queen. I have to use Q-Tips to clean out my ears after every shower and sometimes a couple times a day. I can not stand to have water in my ears or to have my ears ichy. I also hate it when my kids have stuff in their ears. Hopefully I don’t pass my obsession down to them.

Quirk #2 I am anal about the dishes in the dishwasher. First, they have to be rinsed off. No chunks of food on them. Second, there is a certain place where I put the dishes. Thirdly, I organize so well that I can fit tons of dishes in with room to spare. This I pride myself on. Retarded huh?! It is so hard for me to let anyone else do the dishes, but I am getting better.
Quirk #3 Any house work, has to be done right if its done at all. Vacuuming: Everything needs to be picked up, not vacuumed around. If you clean your room: Everything must be cleaned, not just your bed.

Quirk #4 When I sleep at night, I have to have one foot out of the covers or I get overheated. I hear I get this from my grandpa.

Quirk #5 In the shower, I have a certain order in way of cleaning. If I get distracted or just zone out, I usually miss something.

Quirk #6 I am not a big fan of phones. I don’t mind talking, but I don’t do well at calling people. And it is not because I don’t care. I think of people all the time, but have this problem with the phone. Sorry to all my friends that don’t get called enough.

There you have it & now I tag……Juli, Jessica, JaNae, Cami, Kristi,Kendall and anyone else who want to do it.



So I haven’t posted in a while and it’s not because I’m lazy! Life has gotten a little bit busier. At the beginning of September I only had two little girls to watch and I was fine with that. Now I have five little darlings. I thought it would be okay and I am managing fine, but six little kids all under the age of 4 is a little crazy. I am happy though that all the kids are getting along really well. The girls are excited to have more girls to play with. This month though my boys are off track from school so if we add them, I have eight children. Crazy huh?! I will make it and my patience is doing pretty good. That doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to the weekends though. Serenity Now!

This is my favorite time of day!




Our friends had this on their blog and I decided it was worth putting it on mine. It’s scary what could change if prop 8 fails. I already know that I am going to vote yes, but this encourages me more. Hope this will help you as well. I know it’s important for all of us to do what we need to. I am glad I am able to live in this free country and can vote how I want to. I am so blessed.

Six Consequences If Proposition 8 Fails


1. Children in public schools will be taught that both traditional marriage and same-sex marriage are okay.

The California Education Code already requires that health education classes instruct children about marriage. (§51890)

Therefore, if the definition of marriage is changed, children will be taught that marriage is a relation between any two adults. There will be serious clashes between the secular school system and the right of parents to teach their children their own values and beliefs.

2. Churches will be sued if they refuse to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their religious buildings that are open to the public. Ask whether your pastor, priest, minister, bishop, or rabbi is ready to perform such marriages in your chapels and sanctuaries.

3. Religious adoption agencies will be challenged by government agencies to give up their long-held right to place children only in homes with both a mother and a father. Catholic Charities in Boston has already closed its doors because of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

4. Religions that sponsor private schools and which provide housing for married students will be required to provide housing for same-sex couples, even if it runs counter to church doctrine, or lose tax exemptions and benefits.

5. Ministers who preach against same-sex marriages will be sued for hate speech and could be fined by the government. It has already happened in Canada, one of six countries that have legalized gay marriage.

6. It will cost you money. A change in the definition of marriage will bring a cascade of lawsuits. Even if courts eventually find in favor of a defender of traditional marriage (highly improbable given today’s activist judges), think of the money – your money, your church contributions – that will have to be spent on legal fees.

Big Boy

I am just a little excited. It has been almost a month since I started potty training Jacob. He is doing SO well, that it kind of seems easy. I said “kind of”! My other two really struggled with this “phase” if you want to call it that. They were both older as well. I don’t know. We bought a whole bunch of McQueen cars, made a potty chart and bought M&M’s. I was expecting the worst, but he picked up on it pretty fast. I am so glad. I was really ready to be done. Kent and I were talking and realized that we have been changing diapers for 8 years. 8 YEARS! We want another little one, but at least we will have a break from diapers for a little bit. Yeah for Jacob! Yeah for me!


Breaking Dawn


It’s finally here. On August 1, I went to the release party in Roseville. A few of my friends and I went together and hung out with the Twilight Moms Group. It was just fun to have others around me who were excited like I was. There were quite a few people that went overboard, but that is to be expected. As you may expect, I came home and read until wee hours of the morning. I was not as bad as some though! As much as I liked the book, it was not my favorite. I hope that Stephanie will continue this story through another character. Hmm. can’t wait. Here are some of the fun pictures from the release party!



It’s crazy that it has been less then a month, but I am so far behind with my blogging.  I just put it off and then I have to spend a whole day updating it.  O well.  Hope you have fun reading about what has been happening at the Roper house.

Since Monday I have been potty training.  Yep.  Fun!  I was just getting sick of pull ups and stuff coming out.  I was talking to my friend Carole and just decided to do it.  Jacob is doing pretty good.  The first day was bad, but what do you expect.  We are now on Day 4 and we have yet to have an accident today.  Yeah!  He actually told me when he needed to go.  You can’t believe how happy I was.  Yeah!  oops, I already said that.  It would be so nice to be past this stage.  Well, keep you fingers crossed for me.  I hope he catches on fast.


9th Anniversary


What a nice anniversary I had.  Since Kent was working on Tuesday, we ended up going on our date Monday, while the kids were at school.  We went to BJ’s for lunch and were happy there wasn’t a big line, like we typically see.  We hadn’t been there before, so it was fun to try a new place.  After we went to Borders and just looked at books.  I know, boring.  It’s funny though because I looked at more books for the kids than for me.  Typical mom, huh?!  Yesterday was our official anniversary.  Kent surprised me with some jewelery in the morning.  He said I wouldn’t expect my second present.  Yep, he was right.  At about 9:45 these showed up on my door.

Anniversary flowers

I was so shocked.  Kent has brought me flowers home, but never SENT them.  I loved them!  They are my favorite color, so that made me happy.  I didn’t find out till later that there was suppose to be only 9 flowers to stand for the nine years of marriage.  I just love my husband.  He made my day!  Thanks Kent.






Happy 9th Anniversary Kent.  Thanks for the “best 9 years of my life!”  You are such a great best friend and husband.  I couldn’t ask for better.  Thanks for all the times that I am cranky and you put up with me.  For making me laugh when I really don’t want to.  You really have made these past 9 years fun.  Thanks for being so perfect for me.  I am excited to spend forever with you.  Bring it on!  I love you, honey!


Here are some of the other picture from our wedding.

wedding2.jpg   wedding4.jpg

This is up at the temple.  Taken by two different people.


wedding5.jpg   wedding6.jpg  wedding7.jpg  wedding8.jpg

At our wedding reception in Sacramento.



At our reception in Utah with my two bridesmaids, Dawn and Heidi,

and flower girl Amanda.

My friend, Kendall, just had an anniversary with her husband. She blogged about how they met. I thought it was a great idea. So here goes.


While living in Provo, I decided I wanted to go on a mission. My dad had said that if I came to live with him in Sacramento, I could live rent free. I had some student loans that I needed to pay off, so I went to live with my dad. I worked at the local Wal-mart and was content going to the family ward. I was even going out with the sister missionaries ON BIKES.

After about a month, my step mom, Riet, told me I needed to “be with my own kind!” I really didn’t want to go to the singles branch, but went anyway. I went the first weekend in July. When I sat down, Peggy Passanando was sitting next to me. She said she would introduce me to everyone she knew. Those two people were Kent and Dawn Roper. Kent had come to the singles branch to play a organ/piano duet with his sister, Dawn. He usually didn’t come to the branch, so it was funny that he was there the day I was.

Kent and I didn’t think much of each other that day. I started hanging out with Dawn and sometimes Kent would just tag along. Somewhere between July 5 and Halloween we started liking each other. We didn’t start dating until just before Christmas.

In January I went to Utah to visit and to really decide if a mission was right for me. You can guess my answer. Kent proposed the middle of March and we were married in the Oakland Temple on June 24th, 1999.


Here are some LOVELY pictures of us. Brace for the Shock! 🙂


Our Engagement Picture.

This is our announcement picture.


Color 1 Color 2

Originally we were going for black and white. My dad took our pictures down in Old Sacramento and wanted to use up the color first. We weren’t planning on using any of these pictures, but liked the top one a lot. It was so cold though.

Manti Temple Mt. Timp

These were taken about a month before we got married. The first was after I went through the Manti Temple. My best friend, Heidi, loved the “No Parking” sign in back of us. The second picture was taken the next day at the Mount Timpanagos Temple with my best friend, Heidi.


Check in tomorrow for other pictures. Yeah!

One of the last days in May, Aunt Juli came over during quiet time to scrapbook. We do this because her kids can lay down for a nap the same time my kids do. We then have about two hours to scrapbook. It works surprisingly well. After nap and snack she brought out a really EXPENSIVE sprinkler she had bought at Walmart earlier that day. We took off the kids clothes and just let them go. Joseph, Kyle and Jonathan loved the sprinkler. Jacob and Emily, not so much. Jacob only liked it when he was getting others wet. Some of these pictures are kind of mean, but you can see his attitude change.


Don’t like it. Like it! Don’t like it.


Jonathan could care less. Sorry for the pull up shot. Kent and I think he got his running skills from Juli! Hee Hee!


Go Jonathan.


Thanks Aunt Juli for sharing you sprinkler. It watered my grass too.