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Rules: Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours and then tag 6 fellow bloggers

Quirk #1 I am the Q-tip queen. I have to use Q-Tips to clean out my ears after every shower and sometimes a couple times a day. I can not stand to have water in my ears or to have my ears ichy. I also hate it when my kids have stuff in their ears. Hopefully I don’t pass my obsession down to them.

Quirk #2 I am anal about the dishes in the dishwasher. First, they have to be rinsed off. No chunks of food on them. Second, there is a certain place where I put the dishes. Thirdly, I organize so well that I can fit tons of dishes in with room to spare. This I pride myself on. Retarded huh?! It is so hard for me to let anyone else do the dishes, but I am getting better.
Quirk #3 Any house work, has to be done right if its done at all. Vacuuming: Everything needs to be picked up, not vacuumed around. If you clean your room: Everything must be cleaned, not just your bed.

Quirk #4 When I sleep at night, I have to have one foot out of the covers or I get overheated. I hear I get this from my grandpa.

Quirk #5 In the shower, I have a certain order in way of cleaning. If I get distracted or just zone out, I usually miss something.

Quirk #6 I am not a big fan of phones. I don’t mind talking, but I don’t do well at calling people. And it is not because I don’t care. I think of people all the time, but have this problem with the phone. Sorry to all my friends that don’t get called enough.

There you have it & now I tag……Juli, Jessica, JaNae, Cami, Kristi,Kendall and anyone else who want to do it.



So I haven’t posted in a while and it’s not because I’m lazy! Life has gotten a little bit busier. At the beginning of September I only had two little girls to watch and I was fine with that. Now I have five little darlings. I thought it would be okay and I am managing fine, but six little kids all under the age of 4 is a little crazy. I am happy though that all the kids are getting along really well. The girls are excited to have more girls to play with. This month though my boys are off track from school so if we add them, I have eight children. Crazy huh?! I will make it and my patience is doing pretty good. That doesn’t mean that I don’t look forward to the weekends though. Serenity Now!

This is my favorite time of day!




On Saturday the 6th we went with friends to Folsom Lake.  Of course, it was SUPER hot, so we were excited to get to the lake.  The last time I went to the lake was probably five years ago or maybe longer.  I remember parking and being right at the water edge pretty much.  Well, to my surprise the lake had shrunk.  We had to walk a good 15 minutes to get to the actual lake.  Crazy.  I didn’t have a problem with the walk, it just surprised me.  Just shows you how much California needs rain.  Here are just a few pictures.  I really wanted to get in the water.

We had a lot of fun together and with our friends.  It was nice to do something we usually don’t do.  I just hope we get enough water this winter!