My friend, Kendall, just had an anniversary with her husband. She blogged about how they met. I thought it was a great idea. So here goes.


While living in Provo, I decided I wanted to go on a mission. My dad had said that if I came to live with him in Sacramento, I could live rent free. I had some student loans that I needed to pay off, so I went to live with my dad. I worked at the local Wal-mart and was content going to the family ward. I was even going out with the sister missionaries ON BIKES.

After about a month, my step mom, Riet, told me I needed to “be with my own kind!” I really didn’t want to go to the singles branch, but went anyway. I went the first weekend in July. When I sat down, Peggy Passanando was sitting next to me. She said she would introduce me to everyone she knew. Those two people were Kent and Dawn Roper. Kent had come to the singles branch to play a organ/piano duet with his sister, Dawn. He usually didn’t come to the branch, so it was funny that he was there the day I was.

Kent and I didn’t think much of each other that day. I started hanging out with Dawn and sometimes Kent would just tag along. Somewhere between July 5 and Halloween we started liking each other. We didn’t start dating until just before Christmas.

In January I went to Utah to visit and to really decide if a mission was right for me. You can guess my answer. Kent proposed the middle of March and we were married in the Oakland Temple on June 24th, 1999.


Here are some LOVELY pictures of us. Brace for the Shock! 🙂


Our Engagement Picture.

This is our announcement picture.


Color 1 Color 2

Originally we were going for black and white. My dad took our pictures down in Old Sacramento and wanted to use up the color first. We weren’t planning on using any of these pictures, but liked the top one a lot. It was so cold though.

Manti Temple Mt. Timp

These were taken about a month before we got married. The first was after I went through the Manti Temple. My best friend, Heidi, loved the “No Parking” sign in back of us. The second picture was taken the next day at the Mount Timpanagos Temple with my best friend, Heidi.


Check in tomorrow for other pictures. Yeah!

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