9th Anniversary


What a nice anniversary I had.  Since Kent was working on Tuesday, we ended up going on our date Monday, while the kids were at school.  We went to BJ’s for lunch and were happy there wasn’t a big line, like we typically see.  We hadn’t been there before, so it was fun to try a new place.  After we went to Borders and just looked at books.  I know, boring.  It’s funny though because I looked at more books for the kids than for me.  Typical mom, huh?!  Yesterday was our official anniversary.  Kent surprised me with some jewelery in the morning.  He said I wouldn’t expect my second present.  Yep, he was right.  At about 9:45 these showed up on my door.

Anniversary flowers

I was so shocked.  Kent has brought me flowers home, but never SENT them.  I loved them!  They are my favorite color, so that made me happy.  I didn’t find out till later that there was suppose to be only 9 flowers to stand for the nine years of marriage.  I just love my husband.  He made my day!  Thanks Kent.




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