For our family vacation this year we decided to go to Monterey Bay. I told my sister,Juli and she wanted to come along. We decided to camp and then go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was last minute, so of course, all the good spots were taken. We didn’t like our camp site for many reasons, but still had fun.  The kids got so dirty by the end of the day.  Good thing Juli remembered to bring some soap!  The next morning we packed up the tents and then used the pool. The water was freezing, but at least we weren’t super dirty anymore. We headed to the aquarium, which was pretty busy. I was glad I dressed my boys in yellow. They were so much easier to see in all those kids. Thanks Autumn for the idea. Everyone enjoyed the many different displays, but I think the adults loved the kid section the best. We just sat there while the kids played. As much as we didn’t get to see everything, the adults were ready to go home, I think the kids had fun. It was fun going on vacation with the VanGinkels.

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