One of the last days in May, Aunt Juli came over during quiet time to scrapbook. We do this because her kids can lay down for a nap the same time my kids do. We then have about two hours to scrapbook. It works surprisingly well. After nap and snack she brought out a really EXPENSIVE sprinkler she had bought at Walmart earlier that day. We took off the kids clothes and just let them go. Joseph, Kyle and Jonathan loved the sprinkler. Jacob and Emily, not so much. Jacob only liked it when he was getting others wet. Some of these pictures are kind of mean, but you can see his attitude change.


Don’t like it. Like it! Don’t like it.


Jonathan could care less. Sorry for the pull up shot. Kent and I think he got his running skills from Juli! Hee Hee!


Go Jonathan.


Thanks Aunt Juli for sharing you sprinkler. It watered my grass too.

One Response to “Sprinkler. Bad or Good?”

  1. Juli Says:

    I guess I didn’t see all of your posts last night!

    That is hilarious!!! Jonathan’s really bookin’ it there!!! I wish I could run like that! Maybe I wouldn’t have so much ‘excess baggage’…..!! And I love the last picture of Jacob.He was so mad!!!! Ah, what fun we have!