Jacob’s 3 year old picture.

I know I am running late on this blog, but I have been busy. I got back from my Girls Weekend, which I will blog about later. I came back on Tuesday, which just happened to be Jacob birthday. He knew it was his birthday, but didn’t expect anything. Not even presents. That made it really easy. I just can’t believe he is getting so big. When I came back it seemed like he had grown so much. *weep weep* I figured I would write a little about Jacob.


These are the things he is into right now:


Anything from the Cars Movie




Trains (not particular)


Loves to do anything his big brothers are doing


Loves to play with cars and truck, in general.


Loves his Silky (blanket)


Playing Computer games


Anything having to do with his ABC’s


Jacob is so independent right now, sometimes he drives me crazy. He loves to cuddle though and I love that. He will cuddle with me practically any time. He loves to spend time with anyone in his family, but also plays well by his self. He is so fun to have in our family. You can definitely tell Jacob has two older brothers. He is all boy. He is constantly wrestling or running after one of his brothers. He definitely keeps this house jumping. I am so glad Jacob is in our family. Happy Late Birthday Jacob!

One Response to “Happy (late) Birthday Jacob!”

  1. nicole Says:

    That is crazy that he is getting so big. Where does the time go? Happy Birthday Jacob!