Friday we had the fun opportunity to go on my dad and step mom’s boat. It was just the boys, G & G and myself. We went down to Walnut Grove to get the boat and then went up the river. My dad found a little section of the Delta that branched off. The river was really dead so my dad just stopped right in the middle. Riet jumped in first and the boys just looked at each other with eyes of amazement. The whole way up they were talking about not wanting to swim in the river because there were sharks (I corrected that myth) and fish that would nibble their toes. They thought for a little bit and it was Jacob who wanted to go in first and then the other two followed. They had a fabulous time and didn’t have a problem getting back into the boat and jumping out again. It was crazy to be out in the middle of the river, but it was fun. It was also a very hot day, so the cold water felt nice. Jacob liked the river, but hated his life jacket that made him lay on his back. Joseph and Kyle loved everything about the river and were mad that they couldn’t jump back in and swim some more. Grandpa even let all three of them drive the boat. It was definitely a fun day with Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks for letting us have fun in your boat!

P.S. And for your info, we did not get bit by a shark and didn’t even see any fish. Grandma was right!

P.S.S Kyle lost his front tooth on the way home from the river. So funny. Maybe I will post a picture of that later

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