On Thursday, we were able to go to the California State Fair. We went with our friends, The Phelps. Of course, we picked the hottest day of the week to go. It was suppose to be 106 degrees. We were glad that they inside exhibits to look at. We spent the first couple of hours inside and then went outside when it wasn’t so hot. I still sweat like a pig, but it was bearable. We had fun though as a family. My boys love picking up all the freebies from the different county exhibits and love riding the rides. By the end of the day (we only went from about 4-9), we were all tuckered out. We love going to the State Fair.

One Response to “State Fair Fun!”

  1. Jessica Says:

    the picture of Kyle as the fish and Joseph holding him is hilarious. I am so glad that you had so much fun with dad hopefully you can do it more often. Love you and miss you guys like crazy.