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On June 28th, we headed off to the Roper Family Reunion in Utah. We rented a 8 passenger van and stuffed eight people in it. 3 adults and 5 kids. Fun Fun! We went to the reunion with Kent’s sister, Teri, and her two kids, Stacy and Tony. You would think that the van would be crazy, but it was actually a pretty good ride. We placed Stacy in between Joseph and Kyle, so there was never any fighting. Now if only Joseph and Kyle didn’t get car sick so much. I felt so sorry for Stacy! We finally got to Utah and got comfortable in our hotel. The next day was the reunion. It turned out well and it was fun to see Kent’s family together. Teri and Kent were the only kids there from Keston’s family. We missed everyone else. While Kent and Teri talked genealogy with the “adults”, I took the kids down to feed the ducks and play on the playground. It was fun watching the cousins play together.

ducks ducks

After we went inside to have Hawaiian haystacks. Yum! We were glad we were able to go to the reunion.

Yum! Yum!

After the reunion, our van load went to the Dinosaur Museum, up at Thanksgiving Point. It was nice to just let the kids be free and have fun. They definitely did!

museum museum

The next day we spent with my family. The kids had fun riding the tractor with Grandpa and riding on the 4 wheeler. I ,too, had a ride or two. It was nice to just hang out. Thanks to all my family for your help.

So that was our SHORT weekend jont to the Roper family reunion. And as much as we were all glad to get out of the van, we have fun together. I am glad we were able to take this vacation with Teri and kids.



My sister-in-law came out to California to visit. We had a family BBQ and just let the cousins play together.  What a fun room we had with seven kids, eight adults and tons of toys.  As you can tell, the kids didn’t mind.

All the cousins.

Jonathan and Ian are the same age as Jacob. When they were babies we took pictures of them side by side. We thought it would be fun to see how they had grown in three years.

Jonathan, Ian and Jacob In this picture Jonathan is a couple of weeks old.

            Ian and Jacob are three months old.


I think they have grown a little bit. Jonathan, Ian and Jacob 3 yrs old.


It was so fun having the cousins together.

Thanks Heather for visiting us while you were here.

Fun, Fun, Fun! Kent took all three boys on the father/son camp out this year. Yeah! Wow, was I excited. I dropped the boys off at Kent’s work and they let from there. They said they had fun, but were disappointed that there was no campfire. So, of course, no smores. What is camping without a campfire. anyway. They found out that our old tent that says it fits four, was wrong. At least they stayed warm. I myself, had a blast. I went to the scrapbook store with Juli and Natasha. They have a crop class from 6-12 at night. I was proud I got a few pages done and had fun at the same time. These are the times that I am glad I have just boys! Yee haw!


Kyle in the morning. What a Hottie! Our FOUR man tent. Being Boys.

One of the last days in May, Aunt Juli came over during quiet time to scrapbook. We do this because her kids can lay down for a nap the same time my kids do. We then have about two hours to scrapbook. It works surprisingly well. After nap and snack she brought out a really EXPENSIVE sprinkler she had bought at Walmart earlier that day. We took off the kids clothes and just let them go. Joseph, Kyle and Jonathan loved the sprinkler. Jacob and Emily, not so much. Jacob only liked it when he was getting others wet. Some of these pictures are kind of mean, but you can see his attitude change.


Don’t like it. Like it! Don’t like it.


Jonathan could care less. Sorry for the pull up shot. Kent and I think he got his running skills from Juli! Hee Hee!


Go Jonathan.


Thanks Aunt Juli for sharing you sprinkler. It watered my grass too.

Kent had the great opportunity to bless his nephew on Sunday the 4th.

Baby Tony’s blessing

After the blessing we all went back to the Jones house. Aunt Jacki was able to hold Tony and just enjoyed his sweet spirt. The boys also enjoyed hanging out with their cousin Stacy.  These Ropers really know how to party!

blessing.jpg blessing2.jpg blessing3.jpg

For my siblings, I want you to look at this next picture and tell me who you think I look like. Comment on it PLEASE.


So anyone who has talked to me knows how excited I was for my girls weekend. And it was so fun. Just some background. There is five girls and one boy in my family. A couple of years ago we decided to start having a girls weekend with my mom and all my sisters (including my sister in law-love ya Heather). This year was our second annual Girls Weekend. Juli and I flew out to Utah, leaving our husband to tend and take care of our children and houses. My sister JaNae did the same, but she came from Ohio. The rest of the sisters live in Utah. When we got there we went grocery shopping and just hung out while we waited for everyone to be ready to go. We ended up not getting up to the condo in Park City till the evening, but I didn’t care, I was hanging out with family. My sister Jennifer wasn’t feeling good, but atleast she could sleep all weekend. We had a fun weekend of playing games, shopping, eating, playing more games and family bonding time. Jennifer ended up having to go to instant care and had strep throat. Fun. That same night we went to a reception of a family friend. We had a blast getting acquainted with old friends, dancing and having a blast. Can I say sprinkler, Juli? Haa Haa! The rest of the weekend ended up being just as much fun, with a few different twist. I am so glad my husband loves me enough to let me go every two years. I feel like I come back refreshed and ready to tackle my kids again. Thanks honey! I love my family. I am so glad I have so many sisters and that we have a blast when we’re together. I love you guys! Here is all of us from oldest (hee hee) to youngest.

Mom, JaNae, Jennifer, Heather (my lovelySIL), Me (Kent thinks I’m a hottie),

Juli and Jessica

The Girls @ Girls Weekend

Yeah, we finally got our family pictures taken. We’re only four months behind. They turned out well though. I have the cutest family ever (okay I’m biased). Sorry we don’t have copies out to everyone. They will be coming!

My boys. My Favorite 2008 Family Picture Other 2008 Family Picture.

If I had wrote this blog last Wednesday, it would have said we were going to Utah for my nieces baptism. Plans change. All last Wed I was getting the feeling that we shouldn’t go. I was really debating because

1. I hadn’t been to Utah since last May and I missed my family.

2. I wanted to support my sister and niece at the baptism.

3. Kent finally decided that he would go with us, which I was excited about.

4. I just really needed to get away!

So I was thinking about why I would be having these feeling, but said my prayers and talked with Kent, who said his prayers. We both had the same feeling that we shouldn’t go. So we stayed and I’m glad we did. Friday we ended up going skating with some friends. What a blast! I haven’t gone skating since I was a teenager and this was my kids’s first time. The kids did a pretty good job for being their first time. Jacob (being lowest to the ground) did the best. He was constantly on the go and as a protective mom, I was right behind him. I felt pulled in three different directions because my two oldest needed help standing upright, but the youngest I thought would get run over by other skaters. Joseph learned that if he sat on his feet instead of standing up, he did pretty good. Kyle did pretty well, but just wanted to hang on to the wall. Take a look.

Our first time skating! How Joseph skates! Jacob waiting to skate! Jacob having fun!

Mom even had to use the wall sometimes. Jacob on his own. Mom having fun with Joseph. Cute picture of Jacob.

We had so much fun and I decided we would go again soon. Kyle comment when we got out to the car was “Skating looked easy, but it’s not!” At least he tried though. I was so proud. Kent actually came and watched at the end, only to find out upon leaving that someone had stolen his license plate. Uhhh. I am so tired of people that are dishonest. Saturday turned out to be a fun day. Kent and I went on a double date and had a blast. We just went to out to eat and then came back to our house and played Wii Sports. It was fun because we didn’t spend tons of money, but still had the time of our lives. So much fun. I am glad we have such great friends and they are truly a blessing in our lives.